How to Make Money in ClickBank for Newbies!

ClickBank is widely used by more than 10,000 Internet companies with growing numbers and over a hundred thousands of affiliates to distribute services and products directly over the Internet. Among these products, software and e-books are the most important selling points.

Being a member of ClickBank is FREE. You just have to find the products that you want to market and you can earn up to 75% commission on sales. You can make reviews and articles or post ads in your blogs and websites and link the product with ClickBank HopLinks. With each sale made, you will earn a percentage commission. There are also other ways to make money online with the website, such as referring sellers and other affiliates to sign up for ClickBank.

If you sell a product and want to market it, you can sign up for ClickBank as a supplier. Opening an account is easy and free. Soon after you are ready to start your sale, there would be a $ 49.95 activation fee. ClickBank manages the entire ordering process and administrator-connected applications. Affiliate sales committees are automatically paid for each buyer they have linked. For each sale, ClickBank draws $ 1 plus 7.5%. With simple words, ClickBank will invoice the customer and pay commissions to Affiliates and Net Profit to the suppliers.

It makes it easy to make money from ClickBank, but with many races it is quite difficult to market your ads, drive traffic to your site, rank 1 in Google search and make sure your commission is not stolen.

With the rising trend of "making money online", lots of products are sold and sold as a response to a multi-million profit. Some promise to make money online quickly as thousands of dollars within a day and so. Many of these will cost you a hundred dollar bill but result in a ZERO profit account.

Recently, a guy from Holland with his team released a money program called White Hat Copy Cat. They argued that it was a real money system and the cause of their success in their multimedia business. Is it another scam or not?

WhiteHat CopyCat is a plug-and-play software invented by Tim Brekker and his team. Like all other internet marketers, they also started the world with internet money. Their teams succeeded in achieving success with Indian programmers who won on eBay Auto Motors as an IT company. The team created their desired concept for a simple work script software that helped them make money online without sweating.

This money making script seems to be wonderfully designed for beginners in the online marketing industry. The idea is to create a copy site in macro niches, like downloads of programs that magnify millions of people because of their high demand in the internet market. But remember that you are not exactly copying the site, instead you model the site to your own and achieve success.

The White Hat Copy Cat package consists of:

  • Copycat Website Blueprint – a highly proven drawing that links each component as one with step-by-step procedures.
  • Copycat Templates – are professional templates designed with different colors that would have been used in the installation of Copycat sites.
  • Niche Blueprint – tells the trendy niche that you would target a higher profit.
  • Product Blueprint – tells the proven and tested best-selling products in the niche that join thousands of downloads.
  • Site Blueprint – tells you how to set up your desired copycat sites with simple step-by-step instructions.
  • Download the Blueprint page – gives you simple step by step instructions on how to set up your download page.
  • Traffic Blueprint – tells you very easily to follow steps on how to get your copycat site ranked on the top pages of popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. They also included a kind of link system that search engines love and would make your website present on the first page of each search engine.

Good aspects:

  • It is guaranteed to work! True to their words, the money that makes the system help you make real money and not just empty promises. Even if you are just new to the internet marketing world and without the experience of such programs, you step by step help.
  • Simple instructions! With all the internet marketing courses with this and that WhiteHat CopyCat stands out with its simplicity and reachability. It's all in there. You just have to follow the instructions.
  • The template pages are very helpful, especially for beginners. There are so many that contain the website, customer support, frequently asked questions, privacy policy.
  • What is promised is given. Tim will reveal what he has done to achieve his success. This will save time and effort in all those who are investigating things and will cut your work into a simple one.
  • It also gives you the flow of multiple incoming because, unlike other products that only target micronisers, WhiteHat CopyCat aims to target macroniches for greater success.
  • You spend less! With this program, you would not have to pay for search engine optimization, pay per click traffic, pay per view traffic, and other ways to drive traffic to your site.

Bad aspects:

  • You can't just copy everything. Then it's about free marketing, which means that the work needs effort to achieve your success. Dedicating about 3-5 hours per day is needed because search engines do not love the replica of content so you need to rewrite or spin the articles.
  • Not much details about search engine optimization. So you may need to learn how to keep your site well-ranked in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

If you are looking for an honest and functioning money-making system, Whitehat Copycat is a simple tool for achieving it. But you have to remember that even though it's promises, it's just a method that helps you. Do not rely solely on the product; Instead, work on it to make your internet marketing business bloom.