Top 3 Must Have Gadgets For the Modern Man

There are millions of gadgets to choose from to make everyday life easier and more fun. You can even buy robots to play chess if you are so sad. GadgetHeat has filtered through all the riff raff and wannabe to get you the three best gadgets that put the rest of them in the shade.

  • IPhone. Yes, you should have known that this would make the top of the list. The modern day must have the gadget designed to pack everything you ever need in a compact, pretty looking look. Phone, mp3 player, media player, internet and GPS were rolled into one. Just by getting one of these you will have 5 gadgets in one. The initial and ongoing cost of an iPhone may seem expensive, but when it weighs up on the savings of all gadgets, the cost balances out. If you don't have an iPhone yet, wait until the end of the year when "Apple fanboi & # 39; buy slowly fades away, so you will have a look at any errors and software updates.
  • HDTV. If you do not know about High Definition Television, tell me which rock you have hidden under which I want to take a quiet holiday. HDTV is the future of broadcast. In a few years, no TV will be released without HD technology and all broadcasters will have HD channels as the norm. What does this mean for the consumer? A better TV experience all the time. Clearer images and sharper sound when watching your favorite TV programs in the 720p or 1080p definition. Picture perfect quality. The SONY Bravia series looks to be one of the most economical and highest quality on the market today, with the KDL32S3000 model as one of the stars of the star. HD performance without breaking the bank and with the SONY quality to boot. What more could you want?
  • GPS. Yes, we know your iPhone comes with GPS but it's still fresh out of beta, so we wouldn't put all our eggs in that basket yet. A standalone GPS is crucial for city life and helps you get from the gadget expo to the gadget expo with minimal effort. With the release of 3D GPS it seems to be even easier to get to favorite spots with little or no effort. Our favorite GPS at the moment is Knight Rider GPS, which is expressed by the original KITT actor, William Daniels. Other top offers include the Garmin Nuvi 350 and CDT GPS PMP, which double up as a universal media player. Delightful.

So there you have it, your top 3 gadgets for the modern man, stay up-to-date for the GadgetHeats article on the 3 best gadgets for the modern women as it is a brand new kettle.