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black clothes

black clothes

The salwar kameez is a traditional outfit found in the closet of every Indian woman. This outfit is a remnant of the Mughal era and hence has been a part of Indian culture since time immemorial. The kameez is the top which generally goes below the knees and the salwar is a kind of loose fitting pant. This is usually worn with a dupatta, but you can also go without it.

This piece of garment has undergone tremendous changes in terms of style, fit and length. Now the kameez can also be worn with a pair of leggings traditionally called churidars. Their length has been shortened and they are often above the knees or just about skim the knees. Punjabis usually wear a very short kameez with a more flared version of the salwar. Wearing a plain, light colored kameez with a bright salwar is very simple and popular style.

The salwar kameez has gone from being an outfit for the poor middle class to an outfit fit to be worn for weddings. Designer salwar kameez is now gaining popularity for their simplicity and beautiful hand craftsmanship. A salwar suit is the right option if you want to go for a semi- formal look.

The Indian salwar suit is a versatile outfit which you can dress up or down according to the occasion. A pair of stilettos, heavy earrings and a nice watch can dress up even the simplest outfit. The trend nowadays also pushes towards being minimalistic and not overburdening yourself with too many accessories.

The most popular style doing the rounds is the anarkali which takes inspiration from the Mughal courts from ancient times. It is a flared kameez from the chest down which sometimes goes almost to the toes. It is a grand outfit and you can wear it anywhere as long as it is an important black tie event. An anarkali can make you look regal and statuesque. Worn with high heels and nice accessories it makes the perfect outfit to attend a wedding in.

A salwar suit is available in different fabrics, colors and in different styles. Choosing the one best suited to you need not be difficult since most designers make outfits of all kinds. All you need to do is visit a store and try on the different styles available.

Designers usually work with zardosi, crystals, stones, zari and other kinds of embellishments to make the salwar kameez beautiful. Using embroidery and printing are other popular and very pretty ways of designing a salwar kameez.

The outfit has evolved over the years and is now seen as a classy, ‚Äč‚Äčelegant and feminine piece of clothing much preferred by foreigners for its simplicity and comfort factor.