Maillot de bain : 11 cute summer outfit with gold sandals…

Maillot de bain : 11 cute summer outfit with gold sandals…

Idée et inspiration look d’été tendance 2017 Image Description 11 cute summer outfit with gold sandals

There have been many ways to determine how to categorize skin type and determine colors when matching clothing. The most popular (and I find it most useful) I have found is the season's categorization. But before you run out and get a tan and highlights because you dream of being & # 39; Summer & # 39; think again. The use of the categories summer, autumn, winter and spring is just a poetic guideline. As you will actually discover & # 39; Summer & # 39; of course does not mean blonde and tanned. It has actually been said before that a summer paradox is how impossible they think it is to get the hot summer!

OK so now we know the seasons can find out who you are.


Summer usually has gray to blue eyes or even green. Their skin extends from very pale to pink and beige and their hair lies between pale / ash blonde to what is commonly called & # 39; mousy & # 39; brown. Summers do not fit bold colors. So when color matching sticks to more subtle shades. Think cool green, soft red and pink and lighter, softer shades of blue and gray. The brighter a summer, the more pinks and gray blues they should hold in their clothes, but the darker a summer the more water, green and purple are once.


Autumn's eye color has a wide range. The most prominent colors are warm brown (hazel and light brown) green, clear blue and even black. The skin tones vary from ivory to beige (from light to golden) to olive and golden brown. When it comes to autumn hair, it ranges from blonde to deep brown but has characteristic red undertones. Think strawberry blonde to green. Color matching with an autumn depends on which end of the spectrum you are sitting on. The autumn with darker eyes and skin suits the natural autumn colors with a little boldness. Think cool green, warm red, yellow and brown, medium blue and soft purple. If you are at the brighter end of the spectrum (hazel eyeglasses with warm beige, for example), you will fit very soft and earthy colors. Aqua, natural shades of green, soft purple, peach, terracotta and salmon.


Winter's eyes begin with black and dark brown and include the cooler shades of blue and green. A winter; The skin tone extends from black, deep to cool brown and then moves to medium beige and milky white. The common definition is that winter skin tones generally lack a pink or peach hue. As you might have already assumed one winter, the hair starts with jet black and moves through the colder colors of brown and even gray. Now before you winter out, start cursing the wind that your general color is & # 39; call & # 39; What if. This color means you choose some really varied and bold colors. The darker winter can create fantastic clothes with black, brown and red, soft yellow, turquoise, royal blue and a range of the lighter pink and purple suits the lighter shades of winter.


The spring eye colors are the warmer lighter shades. Blues, Hazels, greens and turquoise. Their skin has a large range from ivory, medium brown, golden brown and bronze. Some springs also have freckles. Basically, Springs has a more peachy skin. As with their skin, spring hairs have red warm colors. Think deep to medium brown, golden blonde and red. Light tinted feathers can explore warm browns and oranges, (though be careful with hair color) paler blue and violet, grayish brown and light yellow. As feathers darken, colors can become more vibrant, with bolder blue, deeper greens, grays, peaches and pink.

Now keep in mind that this is just a guide. This is here to help you explore right color matching you should aim. Just jump out with some friends after listing and try some things and ask their opinion. You can even bring the guide and help them! Good luck matching clothes to your season.