Kloş etek-ceket takım model önerisi

The most popular news story over the last several weeks has been the rescue of the Chilean miners. In fact, the streaming video of the rescue was the most-watched live video in the history of streaming online feeds. With this being the case it should come as no surprise to see many Americans looking to create a homemade 2010 Halloween costume idea related to the Chilean miners. These miners have been through quite a lot and emulating them on Halloween will be a sign of respect and gratitude for the hard work they have done.

Before going out and creating a group Halloween costume it is always a good idea to get a large number of people together and decide who will wear which specific costume. When it comes to looking like a Chile miner it shouldn't be very hard to come up with a homemade costume. By simply getting some old grungy clothes and tearing them up a little bit you can emulate the outfits that these miners were wearing when they got out of the hole.

It would also be very smart to go ahead and get a little dirty before the Halloween party starts as this will help solidify the costume idea related to the Chile miners. Even though this has been a very popular news story over the last 48 hours it may still be the case that this type of outfit is very hard to find at retailers. Almost all major retailers order Halloween costume outfits months and possibly years in advance. With this story becoming a huge hit in the last few weeks it will likely be the case that finding a costume at a major retailer will be nearly impossible.

Coming up with great 2010 Halloween costume ideas is not very difficult as there has been a plethora of news stories over the last several months. Don't be surprised to see many costumes related to very popular figures who have made mistakes over the last few years. Some of these individuals could include Lindsay Lohan, Tiger Woods and Katy Perry. One of the most popular costume ideas in early October has been the Lady Gaga Meat Dress costume but please be aware of the fact that there are going to be many people who try to emulate Lady Gaga by wearing this type of costume. Coming up with a completely unique and homemade costume may be much more important than looking like the most popular media figure.