Wash your hands and say your prayers wood sign

Wash your hands and say your prayers wood sign

wash your hands and say your prayers wood by SlightImperfections, $18.95..super cute for kids bathroom

Sun, fun and memories. For the Western Hemisphere, autumn officially began on September 23, 2010. But there are still remnants of summer. The gardens are still in bloom, the leaves are just beginning to change. Some still dare to wear summer clothes. Don't forget the grill - a favorite summer social media. The anglers still enjoy their favorite sport and so do golfers.

There are summer memories to rewind on the cold winter collections. The young people also have a lot to talk about. There are summer camps, visits to family or friends, or a new skill, such as fishing, swimming or even gardening. There are excursions to the zoo, to the circus, nature walks and more. There is also the pleasure of staying up a little later to watch TV or surf the net. There are new friends, with technology they can stay in touch no matter how far apart they are. The first days of school are surely filled with demands for all summer activities.

Some find summer love. This reminds me of the September song over the years that have passed. Society today is mobile in every way - wheels, technology and social networks bridge the distance gap. Summer flights and business make summer interesting. It gives color to summer memories. There are those who can find this store flower into something more lasting.

It's not just about happy times. Illness and death choose neither time nor season that will ring. It is painful to see a loved one confined to a bed, in the hospital or at home. The reality of a final farewell is frightening. These are facts in life. Summer makes it easier for family and friends to travel the distance sometimes like this. The summer breeze, summer blooms and foliage provide some comfort for a grieving heart. It is a reminder that there is life after death.

Everything is renewed if we let it happen. Seasons come and seasons pass and so does life. Sadness and pain visit us in many ways, but as a devastating summer or winter storm it will happen. The recovery burden follows, hopefully, it will also be resolved. Sometimes it takes so much longer and it's a struggle to live every day with the pain of loss, especially the loss of someone you love.

Summer is a good time for social activities. Family and friends gather around the grill. There is something about the smell of grilling that not only stimulates the appetite but also gives a good mood. Entertaining is easier with the grill on, less hassle, less clutter.

Fishing is a favorite sport for some of my friends. There is nothing like catching the big fish and showing it off. Fishing stories are fantastic, some fish get bigger as the story circulates. Summer is a time for outdoor living. Gardeners are in their glory and take endless pictures of their garden.

Summer is really over, but the things we did will brighten the dull winter nights when we look at summer photos. Until next summer.