Designer Pathani costumes – traditional Eid outfit for men

Like all other festive occasions, Eid also presents itself as a wonderful opportunity for both men and women when it comes to shopping for Designer clothes. While women can choose from different Eid outfits when Eid Shopping for themselves, namely Saree, Salwar Kameez, Churidar Kameez, Anarkali, Lehenga Choli, Long Choli Lehenga, etc, on the contrary, men are limited with fewer options for Eid Clothing.

Since Eid is a traditional festive occasion, it is best to stick to ethnic and traditional Eid clothing. Pathani Suit undoubtedly tops the list of traditional men's Eid clothing. Apart from doing the desired ethnic look, Pathni Suits looks good on tall Muslim men. Pathni Suit has a loosely matching Shalwar or Salwar in combination with a matching or contrast Kurta, often with full sleeves. It is quite similar to Churidar Kurta for men except that Churidar Kurta has a tight fitting Churidar, as the name suggests while Pathani Suits has loose Shalwar. It is precisely for this reason that Pathni suits are preferred over Churidar Kurtas because they are more comfortable to wear and wear. Pathani suits look flattering on men with long, lean and athletic body types. Because Pathni Suits includes Kurtas with full sleeves, giving the sleeves a little bit of a relaxed touch makes it even more appealing. Pathani costumes tend to be quite versatile too as Shalwar of a Pathni costume can be paired with several Designer Kurtas either in matching colors or contrast colors, as desired. Eid demands a modest and traditional look, ethnic Eid Pathni suits would be the perfect Eid suit for men. Every clothing store or online clothing store has different Eid Pathani suits to offer, such as silk suits, brocade suits, jacquard suits, raw silk suits, etc. to make men look traditional yet fantastic for wonderful Eid.