French Maid Fancy Dress Costumes – A look at 3 different types of French maid…

French maid dress costumes are one of the most famous of all types of stylish clothes. French household suits, which date from the 19th century, where they were first worn by servants, and usually consist of a black and white uniform with a chilly white apron.

If you are considering going to the upcoming party in this type of costume, there are a number of different options to choose from. In the end, a lot depends on your personality when deciding which of the following French maid clothes you will go for.

The classic costume

The usual black-and-white costume with its white apron and quill is a popular choice to wear to the party, but even then there are a number of variations on this theme. Most of these uniforms are mainly black, but some clothes are like a photo negative, where the colors are inverted and where white becomes the main color of the suit. For these suits, white socks are often the preference instead of the usual black fishing nets.

Other types of maid clothes

Although not strictly speaking, these are actual French maid suits, maid clothes are basically the same and are a great way to let your personality emerge or at least the character you want to play at night. There are some good alternatives to French maid clothes; from the bashful virgin costume, to the cheeky European barmaid and the brave Renaissance string.

PVC uniforms

Depending on how safe you are and what kind of party you are going to, you may want to consider getting a French maid uniform in PVC. These are particularly bulky clothes that are mainly limited to bedroom activities or hen nights. But there are still many of these types of outfit out there that are respectable enough to wear to the party, but be warned is the chance that you will take center stage.