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 Women's Pants in the Office

There was a time in history when ladies did not wear pants in public. They occasionally wore pants when they were working around the home or in the fields, but they never wore them to town. It was considered inappropriate attire for a female to have anything but a dress ...

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Bull Rider Chaps – What Are They For?

To answer this question you need to look at what the chaps actually are. Noise chaps are made of two solid leather pieces. One piece is used for each leg and some belts and brackets to hold them. Chaps were originally worn by cowboys in the late 1800s. Now I ...

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First ever build!

First ever build! Submitted By: Lauren Siler Original Shanty2Chic project it was inspired by: www.shanty-2-chic… Project (URL): Time to Complete: 5 hours MY LATEST VIDEOS Total Cost: Approx. $80 Finishing Details: Stained with Varathane wood stain in Weathered Gray More Posts Like This One Tripple Turned Leg Console Table Wall ...

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